17 Nov Undisturbed Birth

Several weeks ago, I attended an all day birth lecture with Australian doctor, Sarah Buckley. Dr Buckley, a trained medical professional, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, mother of 4 and well respected birth advocate, presented a fascinating lecture called, "Undisturbed Birth: The Science...

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12 Aug The Natural C-section

The term "Natural Cesarean" recently came up in conversation with one of our teachers here at Prenatal Yoga Center. My first reaction was, "Really? How does that work? It seems impossibly cruel to cut into a woman without anesthesia!" The concept intrigued me, so I...

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14 Jul Doula Do’s and Don’ts

Lately, I've been struggling with some of the stories I hear regarding appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior from labor support doulas. While I am not currently taking on any births, I was an active doula for almost 10 years and have tremendous respect and admiration for...

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17 Jun Super Simple Birth Plan!

I have often heard of nurses and doctors rolling their eyes when a laboring mom comes waddling into the Labor and Delivery unit clutching a multi-page birth plan. I do think it is beneficial for the parents-to-be to educate themselves and explore all the...

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