Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi?

On Demand Prenatal Yoga Teacher course

Get the clarity and structure you need to confidently teach EVERY student in your class whether they’re pregnant or not.

Do you panic when a pregnant student walks into your class?

Do you feel insecure or incapable of offering proper modifications without ruining the flow of class for everyone else?

Are you nervous you might get complaints from a pregnant student because you don’t actually know how to adjust the class for them?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, our online course “Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi” is for you!


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This online, self-guided course includes five comprehensive modules that will help you gain the knowledge & confidence to safely teach pregnant students in an OPEN level yoga class.

Module 1: Lay your foundation

After our brief yoga session (yup… you'll actually practice yoga inside this online course!), I’ll teach you the fundamental changes of the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body with a specific focus on hormonal, spinal, and pelvic changes and how this applies to yoga asana. You will no longer have to rely on a memorized list of poses and rules. You will now have a firm foundation make informed and educated decisions about which pose is or is not appropriate.

Module 2: Understand the Belly and Bottom During Pregnancy

We’ll address the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles because they’re the most obvious places of change during pregnancy. With the correct information to best support the pregnant person and not cause injury or harm to the pregnant person, you’ll feel much more confident as a teacher. You’ll learn specifically how certain poses can cause abdominal damage and which ones are safe to do. That way, you won’t hurt anybody (or your reputation!) in your classes.

Module 3: Back to the Basics

This phase is dedicated to learning about the back muscles, back pain, and why a pregnant student should not lay flat on their back. This will arm you with go-to advice for a problem 80% of adults suffer from- back pain! It’ll also help you easily modify some troublesome asanas that can worsen back pain!

Module 4: Put it all in Action

Now take all this juicy information and bring it right into your class and apply what you know! Your classes will be inviting for all students at the yoga studio! We will also cover the art of using props. This will make it easier for you to teach the class as a whole as well as involve the pregnant student with fewer alternative poses. This means classes will be less awkward for everyone.

Module 5: Asanas to Avoid

We will look back to what we learned in the beginning of the course and discuss, based on the anatomical and physiological change of the body, what poses would we want to avoid in class and why! You don't want to injure the pregnant student or baby with poses that are unsafe. This module includes 4 one hour prenatal yoga classes to help you familiarize yourself with the practice.

 Ready to teach prenatal students without fear?


*Payment plans available

Completion of Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi is worth 5 Continued Education Credits from Yoga Alliance. 



squatting 101

This video covers how to safely teach squatting to your pregnant students. It also explains the important differences of squatting with feet parallel or externally rotated and how it affects the pelvic inlet and outlet- two things very important for labor!



with Lauren Hill, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.


Yoga | Birth | Babies Podcast

To support the learning of each module, there is a handpicked selection of Prenatal Yoga Center’s podcast, Yoga | Birth | Babies. This podcast features some of the world’s leading experts in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum.


Hi, I’m Deb Flashenberg! I am a prenatal yoga teacher, Lamaze childbirth educator, labor support doula and self-proclaimed “birth and anatomy geek”.


My curiosity and desire to continuously learn about pregnancy, birth, yoga, and parenthood have led to my most recent undertaking the podcast, Yoga| Birth | Babies. Giving me the pleasure of speaking with and learning from some of the yoga and birth world’s most influential and respected speakers, Cyndi Lee, Tara Stiles, Penny Simkin, Gail Tully, Pam England, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Rebecca Dekker, Dr. Neel Shah and many more.


Drawing on my experience as a prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula, childbirth educator and mother, I support the pregnant person with functional yoga asana to create a functional birth and ease into parenthood feeling empowered and honored on this sacred journey of birth and beyond.


For the past 12 years, I have had the honor of training hundreds of new prenatal yoga teachers as they started on their journey to supporting new and expectant parents.


I look forward to working with you as you continue to enhance your teaching skills to teach to everybody who walks into your class.

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