September 16, 2020

The Peanut Ball and the Pelvis with Cheri Grant the “Peanut Ball Lady”

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with Cheri Grant, also known world wide as the “Peanut Ball Lady”. Cheri explains how peanut balls are incorporated into labor and how they can positively effect labor. She goes into detail about how the different positions of a peanut ball can open the pelvis to help with fetal positioning, leading to a more functional birth. For pregnant people and birth workers, this conversation is a must! 

In this episode:

  • Learn about Cheri and how she got into birth work. 
  • How Cheri got the nickname  “Peanut Ball Lady”. 
  • What is a peanut ball?
  • Why peanut balls are helpful tool for labor.
  • All about peanut balls and the pelvis!
  • The data supporting the use of a peanut ball for a shortened labor.
  • How peanut balls can help decrease cesarean births.
  • How peanut balls help with fetal position during labor.
  • Recommendations for how peanut balls are to be used.  
  • Reasons why someone would be advised NOT to use a peanut ball. 
  • Finding the right size peanut ball for you.
  • How to best introduce the idea and involvement of a peanut ball if a care provider or hospital is not accustomed to birthing people using them.
  • One tip/piece of advice Cheri has for new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Cheri’s work!

About Cheri:

Cheri Grant RN, ICCE, CLC, ICBD, CLD, CD BDT(DONA) is known worldwide as  “The Peanut Ball Lady” founder, chief contributor and inspiration for Premier Birth Tools. She wants to make sure that everyone understands how to use the peanut ball correctly, as one size does not fit all clients. For over 45 years, she has served women as a labor and delivery nurse, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, national speaker, author, doula, and doula trainer. She has helped with well over 2,700 deliveries in the span of her career. Cheri is also the founder of Tulsa Doulas, a community group that has helped train and support doulas for over 27 years. She is an Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer and has developed many educational tools for the peanut ball. As an author she has published many articles including “Peanut Ball, Improving Options for Women Laboring with an Epidural” in Australian Midwifery News. As a national speaker she has spoken at the AWHONN State convention, LAMZE, DONA and The Gold Perinatal Conferences on peanut balls.

Cheri’s interest in peanut balls began when she first saw their use in labor in 1985. At that time, they were just straddled. In the 2000’s, the usage of peanut balls was refined to the side-lying position, and interest in them began to grow among birth professionals. They are used with and without an epidural, and can be effective in shortening labor. Premier Birth Tools promotes education and resources via its website, as well as Peanut Ball Ambassadors and Authorized Peanut Ball Trainers. 

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