July 27, 2022

Surviving the First Trimester with Francesca Cervero

The first trimester, wow. It can be a bear for some of us. I know my first trimesters were rough, and many of us go through those difficulties on our own. It can be incredibly uncomfortable, exhausting, isolating, and full of emotional ups and downs.

I knew my friend Francesca was having a difficult time with her first trimester, so I invited her to join me for today’s episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies. Francesca is a fellow yoga instructor, I actually took prenatal yoga classes with her when I was pregnant with my son 11 years ago! In today’s episode Francesca honestly shares how uncomfortable her first trimester was and how she got through to the other side. From excruciating nausea to exhaustion, Francesca tells us what she did to get through her days.

If you have or had a similar experience with your first trimester (or pregnancy) I hope you feel seen and supported by today’s episode. Francesca is completely honest about how she coped. I hope her story resonates with you and her ideas help. You may feel lonely in your experience, but you are not alone.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Francesca as an expectant parent and as a yoga teacher.
  • At what Francesca felt comfortable sharing that she was pregnant.
  • Why we think the first trimester is so secretive. 
  • What Francesca was most surprised about the first trimester.
  • What Francesca wishes she knew about the first trimester. 
  • What Francesca’s biggest first trimester symptoms were. 
  • Food aversions.
  • Coping skills she used for fatigue and nausea/vomiting.
  • How Francesca managed to work despite the challenges of here first trimester and keeping her pregnancy relatively private.
  • When Francesca allowed herself to relax into pregnancy. 
  • How Francesca’s yoga practice changed in the first trimester? 
  • What Francesca’s learned from hindsight.
  • A tip or piece of advice she would like to offer new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Francesca’s work. 

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About Francesca:

Francesca Cervero (she/her) has been a full-time yoga teacher since 2005. Her teaching is inspired by her foundational training with Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga Center, the years she spent as a dancer and the subsequent years she spent in physical therapy. Her teaching is also influenced by her love of Buddhist teachings and a constant curiosity about anatomy and biomechanics. She is in private practice teaching a full schedule of 1×1 clients, mentors yoga teachers in The Science of the Private Lesson™, hosts the podcast, The Mentor Sessions: Support & Strategy for Yoga Teachers and is the founder of the adjoining community, The Mentor Sessions Sangha

Connect with Francesca:

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