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Prenatal Yoga Center is happy to support and recommend our partners to support new and expectant parents. Below you will find companies that uphold the same high standards and quality that we embrace.


Check out all of our recommended practitioners below!


Jessica Apfel

Vicki Borah Bloom

Cathy Burns

Ruth Callahan

Lynn Christensen

Bonu deCaires

Jamie Frazier

Stephanie Heintzeler

Sophia Holly

Jenny Langbehn

Sadie Levy

Hunter Dae Little-Goodridge


Facebook Group

Mary Esther Malloy

Manhattan Birth

Francesca Marini

NYC Birth Village

Yiska Obadia

Sarah Pancake

Terry Richmond

Meema Spadola

Chantal Traub

Francie Webb

Lactation Consulting

Andrea Syms-Brown

Tamara Hawking

Sleep Consulting

Jessica Shapley

Physical Therapists

Patricia Ladis

Pamela Morrison

Spear Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Brooke Davis

Zion Physical Therapy

Dr. Sneha Gazi

Sneha Physical Therapy

Judith “Shani” Fried

Brooklyn Health Physical Therapy

Pamela Morrison

Rachel Parrotta

Spear Physical Therapy

Lindsey Vestal

Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage Center

Laurie Dawson


Dr. Ellen Coyne

Dr. Gregg Rubenstein


Michelle Canarick

Michele Rosenberg

(917) 742-8696

Occupational Therapy

Lindsey Vestal

Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy

Sarah Biffen

Frances Goodwin

(212) 414-0388


1060 OBGYN

Dr. Bradley 

(212) 603-4173

Dr. Eden Fromberg

(212) 941-0011

Dr. Harry Lee


Dr. Nabizadeh


OB-GYN Westside

(212) 580-3866

Dr. Paka


Tani Sanghavi, MD


Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussali

Village OB

Midwifery (Hospital)

Central Park Midwifery

Central Park Midwifery

Community Midwifery

Community Midwifery Care

LOMA Midwifery

LOMA Midwifery

Midwives at Metropolitan

NYC Midwives

Midwives of New Jersey

Midwives of NJ

Park Slope Midwives

Park Slope Midwives

Village Maternity Midwives

Village Maternity NYC

Village Midwifery

Village Midwifery

Midwifery (Home Birth)

Andrea Diamond Baldizzone

Brooklyn Home Birth

Cara Muhlhahn

Cara Muhlhahn Midwifery

Chloe Lubell

Cosmos Midwifery

Kristen Leonard & Barri Malek

BK Midwifery

Robina Khalid

Small Things Grow

Shar La Porte & Carol Bues

Midwifery Care NYC

Other Resources

Ananda Healing Reiki

Ananda Healing Reiki

Sunshine Behavioral Health

Black Mental Health Matters

Belly Band Support

Placental Encapsulation

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