February 10, 2021

Preparing the Pelvic Floor and “Core” for Pregnancy and Postpartum with Patricia Ladis

The term “core” is thrown around a lot in the fitness and yoga world. But what does it really mean? What muscles are involved and how does someone prepare for pregnancy and postpartum? 

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with licensed physical therapist and author, Patricia Ladis. Patricia explains what we mean when we say “core” and how the breath plays an intricate role in the core optimally functioning to promote a healthy pelvic floor. She also discusses how new parents can self assess for diastisis recti. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • A bit about Patricia and what lead her to specializing in Women’s Health and writing the book, Wise Woman’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy & Birth.
  • Restorative breathing and how our breathing can become compromised.
  • The pregnant belly! What is happening to the abdominal wall of a pregnant person and what someone can do during pregnancy to help maintain stability in their core. 
  • How to learn about your own pelvic floor- is it too tight and overly engaged, or well balanced or does it need more toning?
  • How pregnant people can prepare their pelvic floor to ready for birth.
  • The most common issues Patricia sees in her pregnant clients.
  • The rest and recovery protocols for the first 40 days postpartum.
  • Starter exercises someone can use in their first 12 weeks postpartum to start to learn to reconnect to their core.
  • What is a pressure belly?
  • How a new parent can assess their own postpartum belly for diastasis.
  • The relationship between diastasis and pelvic floor issues. Why there is a greater likelihood of pelvic floor issue when someone has diastasis.
  • One tip/piece of advice for new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find her new book and how to work with her!

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About Patricia:

Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA is a licensed physical therapist and author of Wise Woman’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy & Birth. Founder of WiseBody Physical Therapy, Patricia previously co-founded the KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness, one of New York City’s most highly regarded PT and wellness centers. She is also co-founder of The First 1000 Days of Wellness, a global educational platform for practitioners, spas and consumers to promote perinatal wellness and prevent non-communicable diseases in future generations. 

Always an advocate for women’s health, Patricia is building a new protocol for women returning to sport after pregnancy (WTA, IOC) and has designed the exercise program for the first-ever postpartum exercise study coming out in 2021 with the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Weill Cornell Medical Center. 

For more information or to book an appointment with WiseBody Physical Therapy, please visit PatriciaLadis.com.

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