On Demand: Prenatal Chair Yoga

Class Description

Chair yoga is an excellent option for expectant and postnatal individuals. During pregnancy, many experience pelvic instability, often leading to pain and discomfort. Chair yoga provides a modification to traditional yoga practices, offering enhanced pelvic support. Dive into this on-demand class and discover the benefits of chair yoga tailored for the prenatal and postnatal journey.

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Key Features Of This Course:

  • Pelvic Support: Modify your traditional yoga practices with chair yoga to provide more pelvic support during pregnancy.

  • For Prenatal & Postnatal: This course is specially designed for both expectant and postnatal students.

  • Expert Guidance: Get to know your instructor and receive expert advice throughout the course.

  • Resourceful: Apart from video lessons, gain access to resources like the “Discovering Restful and Restorative Yoga” e-book.

Purchase now for $30.00!
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Why is pelvic support crucial during pregnancy, and how does chair yoga address this need?

There can often be pelvic instability during pregnancy and postpartum due in part to the relaxin hormone. Instability in the pelvis may result as pain in the S.I. joint, pubic symphysis and/or tailbone. These conditions can make full range and/or weight bearing movement uncomfortable and in some cases very painful. Incorporating a chair into practice can offer pelvic support to alleviate pain and discomfort. Students can still get a full body yoga practice, while supporting their pelvis. 


How can chair yoga benefit postnatal students in their recovery journey?

Pelvic instability and pain can continue or develop during postpartum. The relaxin hormone can remain in the body for up to one year postpartum, which can contribute to pelvic pain. Modifying one’s practice to better support the pelvis with the use of a chair can be an effective way to get the benefits of yoga while healing.  

These chair practices are also a great way to get back to movement when returning to work. All one needs is a sturdy chair and a little bit of time.


What additional resources can enhance the prenatal and postnatal yoga experience?

  • Join a new parent support groups.
  • Consider hiring a postpartum doula and/or night nurse.
  • Connect with local parents through your local online groups such as Facebook or Slack.
  • Get outside for short walks with or without baby.

Meet Your Teacher!

alt="Jenny Campbell yoga teacher"

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell is a yoga teacher and modern dancer based in Brooklyn, NY.

She completed her first 200 hour training through It’s Yoga in Columbus, OH (2006) after receiving her BFA in dance performance from Ohio State University.

She received her second training from The Shala in New York City (2013).

Jenny took classes with PYC throughout her twin pregnancy and loved being part of the community.

She completed her pre and postnatal teacher training through PYC and feels honored to be able to share this practice with expectant parents.

Jenny loves to continue her education and has additional certifications in restorative yoga from Yoga Works and Mat Pilates from Kinected.

Her classes are encouraging, grounding and inclusive, offering time on your mat when you can connect with your body, breath, and baby.