On-Demand Postnatal Restorative Yoga

Class Description

Welcome to Postnatal Restorative Yoga! This on-demand class is a sanctuary for new parents to foster a deep connection with their bodies after childbirth. It’s an invitation to heal, find peace, and rejuvenate amidst the beautiful chaos of becoming a new parent.

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Why Choose This Class?

  • Deep Healing and Relaxation: Specifically designed for the postnatal body, this yoga practice offers profound relaxation and healing, helping you to recover and rebalance.
  • Connect with Your Body: Reconnect with your body after childbirth, embracing its strength and resilience. This gentle practice supports your recovery and promotes well-being.
  • Expert Guidance for New Parents: Our experienced instructors are well-versed in the needs of postnatal bodies. They provide compassionate guidance through poses that maximize comfort and recovery benefits.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome!
  • Meet Your Teacher!
  • What You Need For Class
  • Disclaimer
  • Video Library: Gain unlimited access to our extensive video library, meticulously designed to guide you through each pose with care and precision.
  • Bonus: Meditation for Mental Well-being – A dedicated session focusing on mental health and relaxation, vital for new parents.
  • More Resources For You: Explore additional resources to enrich your postnatal yoga journey.
Purchase now for $25

Meet Your Teacher!

alt="Jenny Campbell yoga teacher"

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell is a yoga teacher and modern dancer based in Brooklyn, NY.

She completed her first 200 hour training through It’s Yoga in Columbus, OH (2006) after receiving her BFA in dance performance from Ohio State University.

She received her second training from The Shala in New York City (2013).

Jenny took classes with PYC throughout her twin pregnancy and loved being part of the community.

She completed her pre and postnatal teacher training through PYC and feels honored to be able to share this practice with expectant parents.

Jenny loves to continue her education and has additional certifications in restorative yoga from Yoga Works and Mat Pilates from Kinected.

Her classes are encouraging, grounding and inclusive, offering time on your mat when you can connect with your body, breath, and baby.



Can I do restorative yoga postnatally?

Absolutely! Our postnatal restorative yoga is specifically designed to address the needs of your postnatal body, ensuring safety and comfort.

When can I start postnatal yoga?

You can begin postnatal yoga as soon as you feel ready and have approval from your healthcare provider.

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a gentle, healing practice. It focuses on relaxation and recovery, using props to support the body fully. It’s an excellent way for new parents to quiet the mind, regulate the nervous system, and renew energy.

Are there any disadvantages to restorative yoga?

The challenge mainly lies in embracing stillness. If you find quietude challenging, this practice may require patience and gentle persistence.