August 23, 2023

Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and the Journey Into Parenthood through Yoga with Peloton Instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Yoga can have a profound impact in a practitioner’s life on and off the mat. In today’s episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies I had the honor of chatting with internationally celebrated Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (who you likely know from her yoga classes and meditations on Peloton) about her journey into motherhood and how the tools she explores on the mat have practical application in her life.

In a conversation which truly covers everything this podcast is about (yoga, birth, and babies), Chelsea opens up and shares her birth story, talks about her experience with loss, and her journey as a yoga teacher, and new mother. I am honored that she felt this is a safe space to dive into everything and as a listener I’m really confident that you are going to feel the love in her heart as she shares her birth story, experiences, as well as her passion for how yoga has impacted her life been her lifeline through joy and challenges, somethingI think we can all relate to. I’m really excited for you to hear this conversation.

***TW: Rainbow babies, Loss, Placental Abruption***

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Chelsea and what led her to yoga
  • Chelsea’s path to motherhood
  • I know that your son, Noble, was a rainbow baby. As someone whose career is about being connected with your body, how did you find acceptance, surrender and healing after that loss? 
  • How Chelsea’s yoga practice and meditation helped prepare her for birth and parenthood
  • Chelsea’s birth story
  • Chelsea’s postpartum mental health check in 
  • Chelsea’s favorite and most challenging parts of motherhood.
  • A piece of advice Chelsea would like to offer new and expectant parents
  • Stay connected with Chelsea

About Chelsea:

Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated Peloton yoga teacher, and scholar who is highly regarded as a leader in a new generation of yogis who are passionate about expanding the visibility of who is commonly seen as Teacher. Chelsea brings her deep Midwest roots to the mat with a style of yoga that is accessible to all bodies and levels of skill.

Chelsea has graced the cover of Yoga Journal twice and has been featured in countless media outlets that have highlighted her unique ability to articulate her love for yoga and meditation through service.

Widely recognized for her work with yoga and teens, and making connections between literacy development, storytelling, and yoga, Chelsea founded Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in 2014 after receiving her doctorate in Educational Studies from Emory University.

Chelsea  has toured the world as global yoga ambassador for lululemon and advocated for local communities as founder of Red Clay Yoga and faculty member of Off the Mat, Into the World.

Since 2002, Chelsea has honed her style of yoga that blends contemporary hip-hop, electronic, and R&B with asana. An expert in slow-flow and restorative yoga, Chelsea prides herself in creating classes that leave her students with a strong sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Chelsea’s smile is infectious and her patient yet inspirational tone adds to her magic, a spell that deepens connections and calls her students into action.

Connect with Chelsea:

About Chelsea

Instagram: @chelsealovesyoga

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