November 28, 2023

Maria’s Birth Story: The Magic and Messiness of Motherhood

Today we have a very special birth and postpartum story to share. Many of you know, birth stories are one of my favorite kinds of episodes! In the words of my guest, “It was magical and so exciting.” Their postpartum story is so raw and vulnerable. The most exciting and challenging adventure she’s experienced is beginning motherhood. I am so appreciative of our guest for sharing honestly what they went through.

Today’s guest on Yoga| Birth| Babies is Maria Emilia, one of our PYC students. She is a Brazilian Model, craft artist and a mom to her wonderful daughter.

I really loved talking with Maria. I’ve had the honor to watch her move through her pregnancy and postpartum journey. Not only is she part of our PYC community, but a ball of energy who is always smiling and supportive. She not only shows up for herself, but for others in the community as well. Maria showed the hospital residents birth in a way that they may not often see. She also shows up for the community by sharing the bumps she experienced during postpartum. Maria’s open and honest conversation will help so many others moving through pregnancy and postpartum. Thank you Maria for all that you offer in today’s conversation!

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Maria.
  • Some ways Maria prepared for birth and postpartum.
  • Maria’s birth story.
  • Maria’s postpartum experience.
  • What Maria has done to take care of herself during this postpartum period.
  • One tip or piece of advice Maria would like to offer new or expectant parents.

About Maria:

I’m Brazilian, Model, Craft artist and now Fiorella’s mom. Living in NYC officially since 2021, but coming and going for 7 years before that. I’ve been on many adventures all over the world, but the most exciting and challenging one is just beginning, motherhood.

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