June 1, 2022

Induction: Yes, Maybe, or No? with Marley Hall

Inductions occur for a variety of reasons, sometimes they’re wanted and medically necessary but sometimes expectant parents feel like they’re being pressured into one. So why would or should someone be induced? And if your care provider is suggesting one, how do you navigate that conversation?

In this episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies I speak with midwife, author, and mother of 5 Marley Hall. (Many of you may know her from social media as @MidwifeMarley.) We dive deep into the topic of inductions including how to have a conversation with your care provider and advocate for yourself as well as how to set yourself up for an induction..

Marley is truly lovely to speak with. She is thorough and easy to listen to. I think you’re going to walk away from this conversation feeling that you have a voice in how your birth unfolds and a deeper understanding of how to be your best advocate. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Marley and what led her to midwifery.
  • Induction, how common it is in the US and the UK.
  • The difference between induction and augmentation of labor.
  • The typical process of an induction and what a pregnant person should expect from this process.
  • Medically indicated reasons someone may need an induction.
  • Reasons someone may be told they need an induction but are not truly medically indicated.
  • The gray area where maybe we should consider induction.
  • Questions someone should ask if their care provider is starting to discuss induction.
  • Setting yourself up for a smoother and hopefully successful induction. 
  • Various types of induction.
  • Marley’s new book: Midwife Marley’s Guide For Everyone: Pregnancy, Birth and the 4th Trimester.
  • One final piece of advice for new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Marley’s work.

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About Marley:

Marley is a registered midwife mother of 5 from London UK. She is also the author of ‘Midwife Marley’s Guide For Everyone – Pregnancy, Birth & The Fourth Trimester’.

Prior to becoming a midwife 13 years ago, she completed a degree in digital broadcast media. She has used her knowledge of the media to create a large online presence to enable her to teach expectant and new parents about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Marley is a popular pregnancy & parenting content creator on Instagram, creating informative, meaningful and highly engaging posts. She is also a founding member of NowBaby Live, providing high quality antenatal education to expectant women and couples worldwide.

Connect with Marley:

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