Today’s episode is a bit of a departure from what we typically talk about, pregnancy, birth, lactation, and interventions. Today we’re talking about what your astrological chart can tell you about yourself, your parenting, and your child. I found this conversation fascinating, I love astrology, I think it’s really interesting. Both my kids as a gift were given their birth charts and my mom had me have my birth chart done when I graduated the conservatory, so it’s something that I always have in the back of my mind, so when it was presented to me that I could interview someone about natal charts and parenting I jumped on it.

To have this conversation on Yoga| Birth| Babies I spoke with Tara Vogel, a certified parenting astrologer helping us learn about how we can stay connected with our kids and ourselves using astrology. I think you’re going to have a really fun time listening to this episode. While you likely know your baby’s sun sign, this episode may inspire you to start to look at what your child’s chart says about how they need to be parented and how you as a parent react or are triggered by things. It’s just another way of looking at parenting and I think at least for myself anything that can give me some tools and insight into who I am, how I parent, and who my children are and how they need to be parented is a good thing. So I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Tara and how she ended up as a parenting astrologer.

  • What natal charts are. 

  • How the accuracy of the recorded time affects the birth chart. 

  • What modern-day astrology looks like.
  • Common astrology misconceptions.

  • Tara’s personal experience using astrology with her children including her child with special needs.

  • Compatibility with your child’s sign. 

  • What someone’s zodiac sign says about their parenting style.

  • One final tip/piece of advice Tara would like to offer new and expectant parents.

  • Where you can find Tara’s work.

About Tara:

Tara is a certified parenting astrologer who is passionate about helping moms stay connected to their kids and themselves using astrology.

She has 29K+ followers on Instagram, where every morning she shares a post about what is happening in the skies and how moms can use this as a guide to raise their children.

Tara is also a mom of three. Her middle daughter, Eva, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was five. Taking care of Eva was difficult, and Tara ended up working with several parenting coaches to help her handle the multitude of feelings and unique experiences she was going through.

At one point, a friend suggested she have Eva’s natal chart read, and this helped her better navigate the uncharted waters of raising a child with special needs. She is now devoted to teaching other moms how to read and use their children’s natal charts to parent.

Connect with Tara:

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