April 12, 2017

Diastasis, the Pelvic Floor, and More with Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS

This week on Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with well known Physical Therapist, Isa Herrera.  Our discussion is centered primarily around diastisis, a healthy balanced pelvic floor and how to make intelligent decisions about what type of activities to continue during pregnancy.

In this episode: 

  • An explanation of what diastisis is and the importance of not over stretching the abdominal muscles and linia alba during pregnancy
  • Some problems that arise from not modifying one’s yoga practice or physical activity when pregnant
  • Specific poses that women should avoid that can cause this problem
  • Can women simply trust their intuition when making decisions as to what to practice in yoga and other activities. Would she necessarily feel damage happening?
  • Repercussions during pregnancy and birth you have seen due to diastisis or an overly tight or unbalanced pelvic floor or misaligned pelvis
  • What happens if someone has diastisis post-baby?  The road back from repair with diastisis
  • Why is it important to women’s health to have a functional core- pelvic floor and transverses abdominals?
  • Are some women more prone to pelvic floor issues and diastisis then others?
  • The influence on social media and how pregnant women and new mothers view themselves and the impact on a healthy body.

For more information on Isa’s work  www.PelvicPainRelief.com

About Isa:

Isa is a licensed physical therapist and an expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies in the field of women’s health. She developed her expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain by helping over fourteen thousand women at her NYC-based healing center Renew Physical Therapy since 2005.

At her healing center, Isa pioneered the use of integrative modalities like Maya Abdominal Massage, Low Level Laser Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Andean Energy Techniques with traditional evidence-based physical therapy in ways that had never been done. It has since become very mainstream to talk about integrative approaches, and Isa is proud to say she has been there in those trenches long before it was a hot topic.
Isa has also spent years traveling to Central and South America learning integrative healing techniques, and spent years as an adjunct professor at Hunter College in New York teaching pelvic floor techniques to 3rd year Doctoral level physical therapy students. She was always frustrated that there was not a broad level of teaching about pelvic floor issues in schools. 
To that end, Isa has just launched her new online school www.PelvicPainRelief.com , which is a state-of-the-art online education portal for patients and professionals seeking accurate integrative information about all things pelvic.
PelvicPainRelief.com is dedicated to creating a global language of understanding amongst healthcare professionals and patients, founded on evidence-based education and over 10 years of tried and true protocols that incorporate exercises, techniques, and tools to maximize patient healing and professional training. PelvicPainRelief.com is the only online school that brings expert level training and healing into the privacy of your own home or office.
She is also the author of three books on the topic of pelvic pain, and has lectured nationally on the topic of women’s health. After suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction myself after the birth of her daughter, Isa has made it her life’s mission to help women and men overcome pelvic floor dysfunction, and also to educate professionals on the right mix of evidence-based and integrative techniques to help patients achieve lifelong health and wellness.
Her overall belief for you is that the doctor lives within each of you and all you need is a coach to guide you along the process.




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