November 21, 2016

Childproofing Your Marriage

In this episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies, we bring back Dr. Michelle Canarick to discus childproofing your marriage! While starting a family is incredibly exciting for many, the addition of this new family member can greatly shift the status quo for the relationship of the existing couple. Today we are talking with Michelle Canarick Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the mother of two young children about Childproofing Your Marriage. Michelle has worked with hundreds of couples and led workshops about how to adjust expectations, roles and responsibilities and still continue to secure and build the foundation of the family, the relationship between the parents.

In this episode:

  • Is there a typical age of the child when parents struggle the most?
  • The general feelings the mother experiences during early childhood in relationship to her partner.
  • The general feelings the partner experiences during early childhood in relationship to his/her partner.
  • Suggestion for the parents to help define and refine roles and find comfort in these new roles.
  • It is so easy to fall into the pattern and resentment involved with tit-for-tat- Can you describe why it is so detrimental for a relationship and how to move past it?
  • How to address the desire to be acknowledged for the effort as the primary care giver.
  • How to create empathy for both partners.
  • Tips for better communication.
  • Suggestions for ways to reconnect.
  • Suggestions to help support someone who is feeling completely overwhelmed by a particular phase of parenthood.

About Michelle:
Michelle Canarick is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the mother of two young children. As a psychotherapist and a mother, she empathizes with the experience of building a family and provides individual and group therapy to mothers, children, and adolescents through her private practice, NYC Mom Support, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Her approach is grounded in the concept of empathy and providing practical techniques to help individuals and families thrive. Dr. Canarick has made multiple appearances on Good Morning America and speaks to parents with children of all ages on topics ranging from sleep training to setting limits with social media. Her other experiences include Bellevue Hospital, the Hallowell Center, the JCC of Manhattan, and the Ethical Culture/Fieldston School

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