September 12, 2023

Caitilin’s Birth Story: Expecting the Unexpected

We’re back with one of my favorite kinds of podcast episodes, a community birth story. What is your initial point of view when it comes to birth stories? We often think about birth from movies, tv, family or friends, but it may not give the perspective of all the ways there are too birth. Because I appreciate different perspectives, I love getting to know our community members more and sharing their individual stories. This community member also practiced yoga at PYC, which helped her feel prepared for her birth.

Today on Yoga| Birth| Babies, I talk with Caitilin Foley to learn about her extraordinary experience bringing her son earth side. You definitely want to hear this story. It takes a few crazy twists and turns, with a surprise ending! It’s an amazing story. Caitilin felt so joyous when her son arrived and I hope you’re able to feel the joy of her story too. You may even hear the sweet coo’s of her son sitting on her lap throughout the episode. He’s precious.

Hearing different birth stories can help empower us and recognize how we’re able to have a positive birth experience, even when the unexpected happens. My hope is this story can empower you on your own journey.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who Caitilin is.
  • Ways Caitilin prepared for birth and Caitilin’s process choosing her birth team.
  • Caitilin’s experience working with a midwife.
  • Caitilin’s birth story.
  • Caitilin’s experience processing her birth.
  • Caitilin’s postpartum journey.
  • A piece of advice Caitilin offers new or expectant parents.

About Caitlin:

She is a California native who’s been living in New York City for 11 years. Caitilin used to work in the corporate world, but now she is a stay at home mom and works part-time doing administrative work with her husband’s wealth management business. She’s a yoga, health and wellness enthusiast.

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