May 6, 2020

Breastfeeding and Epidurals with Dianne Cassidy

Did you know there is a correlation between breastfeeding issues and epidurals?

The continuous IV fluid given to birthing people during labor may render the breasts more swollen. The nipples become harder, flat, and more shallow.  This can cause problems for the baby to latch successfully.

“If mothers realize the swelling and difficulty latching is just from the epidural, not forever, they just have to get through this and then they will have better breastfeeding”, explains my guest, Dianne Cassidy, author and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with Dianne Cassidy IBCLC, about some of the challenges new parents may face within the first few days of breastfeeding and offers solid support and encouragement to build her confidence.

*Important to mention, as we discuss epidurals, our purpose is not to demonize epidurals or scare women out of this pain management option, but to offer information so they can make an educated choice.

In this episode:

  • Approximately what percentage of birthing people opt for an epidural?
  • What is an epidural?
  • The difference between the Standard Epidural and the Combined Spinal-Epidural.  
  • The maternal side effects of an epidural.
  • How might a baby be affected from the epidural? 
  • How the physiological effects of an epidural may impact the baby’s “Golden hour of bonding” with the new parents.
  • How might the usage of an epidural affect breastfeeding?
  • How the use of forceps and vacuum extraction may affect the baby’s latch and suggestions for remedying the situation. 
  • Obstacles the new parent may face and tools to move past them.
  • The concern of low supply and how to avoid the push for supplementing.
  • The importance of having breastfeeding support in place for the postpartum period.  
  • Where to find breastfeeding support.
  • Find Dianne’s work and her book!

About Dianne:

Dianne is a lactation consultant in Rochester, New York. She became interested in this work after breastfeeding her own children. She’s an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), has an Advanced Lactation certification and BS in Maternal Child Health/Lactation, an MA in Health and Wellness/Lactation, and is a board-certified Child Birth Educator. 

  • Instagram: @dianneocassidy

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