October 26, 2022

Body Balance for a Better Birth with Lindsay McCoy

What can you do if labor seems to be, well, stuck? Most birthing people I know (including myself) want to move labor along! So how can we help that happen and avoid “stalled” labor?

On today’s episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies doula and exercise physiologist Lindsey McCoy, gives us tools and tips to help balance the body, help baby find space, and to help baby move seamlessly through the pelvis so that labor doesn’t stall. Lindsey shares things we can do prenatally to prepare our body for birth as well as tools that you can take into your labor. She also talks about common signs parents can see that birth is a little delayed and how we can start to make room for baby and to rebalance the body. This conversation is packed full of information that can give you confidence heading into your birth. When you feel confident, you can more easily roll with your labor and any obstacles that may occur. I’m really excited for you to hear this conversation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn a bit about Lindsay and how she landed in the birth world.
  • What is “stalled” labor?
  • Why we hope to avoid stalled labor if possible. 
  • Things a pregnant person can do prenatally to help set themselves up for a more functional and efficient birth.
  • Common signs that birth is delayed and baby and body need a little rebalancing.
  • Methods to make space for baby.
  • Things a person might be doing and/or positions a birthing person may unknowingly be doing that could possibly delay birth.
  • Things a partner or doula can look out for or do during a birth to help it move forward smoothly.
  • Emotional support when a birthing person may be exhausted or deflated from a long labor.
  • One final tip/ piece of advice Lindsay would like to offer new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Lindsay’s work? 

About Lindsay:

Lindsay McCoy is the co-founder of One Strong Mama- an online prenatal and
postnatal exercise and birth preparation program focusing on pelvic floor, core and
whole body function and preparing the body for a more efficient birth and recovery.
She is also the founder of Body Ready Method, a professional training for perinatal
and birth pros that teaches a new paradigm of physiological support in prenatal
prep and birth support.
She is a mother of four, a doula and an exercise physiologist. Her passion is
pregnancy and birth. She comes from a big family of Labor and Delivery nurses and
OB/GYNs where birth talk was dinner talk at her house. She believes that she has a
unique skill set as an exercise physiologist who has not only spent years learning
about exercise and movement but specifically how exercise and movement relate to
pregnancy and birth.
Beyond that, she has worked with hundreds of families as both a childbirth educator
and a birth doula. She believes that going through the entire process with families
really gives her skills that cannot be obtained in a book. She believes that pregnant
people deserve to feel strong, beautiful and empowered through pregnancy and
Lindsay believes that pregnant people do not have to “just deal” with back pain and
sneeze pee just because they’ve experienced pregnancy and birth. She believes in
the power of the amazing transformation that is becoming a parent whether the
first time or the twelfth and whether unmedicated, medicated or surgically. She
believes in parents and truly believes that helping pregnant people is her life’s work.
Lindsay is passionate about giving professionals and pregnant people the necessary
tools to achieve easier pregnancies, births, and recoveries.

Connect with Lindsay:

Prenatal + Postpartum exercise program – www.onestrongmama.com

Training for Birth Pros – www.bodyreadymethod.com

Instagram – www.instagram.com/onestrongmamaprenatal

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/onestrongmamaprenatal/

TikTok – https://tiktok.com/@bodyreadymethod

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