May 30, 2016

Can the Internet Solve Your Breastfeeding Problems?

Deb talks to Andrea Syms-Brown IBCLC, RLC, CIMI about breast feeding in the age of the internet. Can the internet solve your breastfeeding problems? Probably not, but it can connect you to the support you need. Andrea asks us to remember, breastfeeding is a choice. She reminds us not to let anyone guilt you about that choice, and that if you choose to breast feed embrace it and stay hydrated!

Andrea Syms-Brown is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, she is well established in New York City having been an independent Newborn Care Specialist/Educator as well as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor for many years. Andrea is the founder of Baby in the Family LLC which provides both Caring for a Newborn Baby- now available for streaming at and How To Breastfeed prenatal education workshops. Recently she served as both President (2012-14) and Education Director (2008-12) of New York Lactation Consultant Association. Andrea also teaches at the Prenatal Yoga Center here in NYC! She offers a breastfeeding workshop once a month, breastfeeding support circle every other Tuesday, and a caring for your newborn workshop once a month.

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