13 Aug Birth is Normal, Natural and Healthy

Last weekend I went to California for my husband's cousin's wedding. It has now been almost three years since our own wedding and three years since I have seen many of these people. So the big question was not so subtly brought up. "When are you thinking...

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29 Jul Prenatal Yoga: Your Practice on the Mat can Prepare You for Labor

Your active lifestyle has hit a bump in the road. You can no longer continue your former workout routine and your doctor recommends that you try prenatal yoga. But last time you took a yoga class you felt like you were in a bizarre game...

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25 Jun 7 “Tricks of the Trade” to Help You Have a Better Labor!

I have been attending births for almost 4 years and have picked up some trade secrets along the way. Here are some ideas to try to help make your labor more comfortable, less painful and (hopefully) shorter. 1. Heat: I typically bring a hot water bottle with...

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17 Jun Happy Father’s Day to the Neglected Warrior

Growing up, my mother was always at the forefront as the caregiver. She was the one that schlepped me around to Hebrew school, ballet, and voice lessons. My father, on the other hand, worked. I remember my dad’s presence at dinner and on the...

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30 May My Job as a Doula: The Most Rewarding Experience

My journey into this career was quite unexpected. I became a doula after a student, an OB doing her fellowship at a NYC hospital, invited me to observe birth. Having not given birth myself, I was very curious to see it first hand....

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06 May Prenatal Yoga Center Starts a Blog

Hello World! My name is Deb Flashenberg and I am the Director and Owner of the Prenatal Yoga Center. I thought I would start off by explaining my intention for this blog. I am here to talk about my experiences in the prenatal yoga community, the...

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