20 Nov Anyone Over 30 Should Be Dead

Last Saturday night, my husband and I went out with some friend who had just purchased a new car. I commented that it seemed rather spacious as the 4 of enjoyed moving through the city in our own transportation escaping our usual mass transit experience....

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08 Nov An Ode to the Amish: Childbirth Without Pain

I was just looking over my pages of notes from my trip to The Farm Midwifery Center in Summertown, Tennessee, and I got caught up in my notes about the Amish births. Near Summertown is a very large Amish community. Many of the Amish births are...

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30 Oct Comfort Measures for Mom: The Inside of My Doula Bag!

Over the last 4 years I have gathered quite a “bag of tricks” that I bring along to births that I attend as a labor support doula. Some of what is inside my bags was passed on to me from other doulas, some of...

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03 Oct The Farm: part I

Three weeks ago I received a phone call from Pamela Hunt at the Farm Midwifery Center informing me that a space became available in the Midwifery Assistant Workshop. At first I hesitated. The class was to start in less then 2 weeks and...

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13 Aug Birth is Normal, Natural and Healthy

Last weekend I went to California for my husband's cousin's wedding. It has now been almost three years since our own wedding and three years since I have seen many of these people. So the big question was not so subtly brought up. "When are you thinking...

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25 Jun 7 “Tricks of the Trade” to Help You Have a Better Labor!

I have been attending births for almost 4 years and have picked up some trade secrets along the way. Here are some ideas to try to help make your labor more comfortable, less painful and (hopefully) shorter. 1. Heat: I typically bring a hot water bottle with...

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