15 Apr Eating During Labor

Labor is probably not the time you will be requesting a huge steak dinner, but it is a good idea to continue to nourish your body. Not eating during labor may reduce your energy, increase your fatigue and decrease your ability to deal with...

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17 Mar Elective Surgery: Nose Job. Breast Augmentation. Cesarean????

True story: I had the misfortune of bad timing the other day in the bathroom at the UWS Loews Theater, overhearing a brief conversation between two very pregnant women. The conversation went something like this: “When are you due?” “March 20th, but I’m having my c-section on...

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14 Jan “The Business of Being Born”…Please See This Movie!

I saw a screening of "The Business of Being Born" downtown at the IFC on Friday night with a few of the teachers. I had been anticipating the release of this movie for months. Within moments of the start of the film, I...

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17 Dec Know the Statistics; Don’t Be One

Several months ago, I constructed a list of 5 questions to ask your doctor before your birth. Asking questions can help you begin to decide which caregiver would best align with your ideas of birthing. It's definitely a good jumping-off point...

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