15 Nov How Fear Affects Labor and What You Can Do About It

During a recent yoga class I was taking, my teacher discussed our natural reaction to fear. She explained that students tend to make their poses smaller and constrict themselves when they are fearful of doing the pose. For example, they are afraid to shift their...

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02 Nov Preparing Your Pelvis for Labor!

Most women spend countless hours preparing for the arrival of their little one. Picking out names, decorating a nursery (or rearranging a one bedroom apartment, for many NYC-dwelling first time parents), taking Childbirth Education classes...

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12 Oct Postnatal Yoga and The Power Pose

I recently watched a very interesting TED talk lead by Amy Cubb, social psychologist. Her talk was titled "Your body language shapes who you are." Throughout it she highlighted that our body language does not just influence how others read us, but points...

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05 Oct Understanding the Different Methods of Childbirth Education

A student asked me the other day how she should pick a birthing class. Her doctor had suggested she take one in preparation for her upcoming birth. She explained how overwhelmed she started to feel while she researched the different styles and methods of classes...

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20 Sep The Importance of Tummy Time!

This September we happily added Ellynne Skove MA, LCAT, BC-DTR, NCC, RPP to our teaching roster. Ellynne has taken over the Tummy Time program at Prenatal Yoga Center. For those who are not familiar with Tummy Time or the importance of incorporating it...

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11 Sep TENS Machine- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Among the many pain management techniques and methods, there is one that gets little attention here in the US. It is called the TENS Machine- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and it is used throughout much of Europe. What is the TENS machine? ...

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