June 30, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Being Induced with Trish Ware

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnant people will be induced. With rates this high, understanding induction and all it entails can help demystify the induction process and reduce fear, which can make your whole birth more satisfying. 

In this episode of Yoga |Birth|Babies, I speak with Labor and Delivery nurse, childbirth educator and mother of 7, Trish Ware. Trish shares everything you need to know about being induced, from having a “favorable cervix” to medically indicated reasons for induction. Trish’s down to earth tone makes this sometimes overwhelming topic, easy to digest and hear. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Trish and what inspired her to become a Labor and Delivery nurse.
  • The difference between induction and augmentation of labor.
  • What it means to have a “favorable” cervix.
  •  Understanding the Bishop score and how that can affect your birth. 
  • “Natural” methods of inductions and when to consider trying them. 
  • Medically indicated reasons for an induction.
  • The process of a medical induction and the different possible methods that may be involved starting from scratch! 
  • If you would prefer to not be induced, suggestions on how to speak with you care provider about getting more time.
  • Do pitocin stimulated contraction differ from those stimulated by oxytocin? 
  • One tip/piece of advice Trish offers new or expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Trish’s work! 

About Trish Ware:

Over the years, Trish has developed a reputation for making laboring mamas feel empowered and confident — even if she’s not in the labor room with them 🙂  She is the mother of 7, Labor and Delivery nurse and childbirth educator. 

What’s important to Trish is that you have access to the education you need to make informed decisions while you’re in labor…

She has spent many years analyzing the literature and her own experiences in the labor room, and she’s come to the conclusion that just 2 things lead to a successful avoidance of an unwanted birth story: A prepared and educated mama who has proper support during labor! Which is why she has created multiple online self-paced birth classes for all moms.

Connect with Trish:

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