Community Birth Story: Don’t Ever Let Me Forget How Strong I Am with J Stewart

Community Birth Story: Don’t Ever Let Me Forget How Strong I Am with J Stewart

J came back to postnatal yoga and shared that she faced two monumentous  moments of struggle and surrender during her birth. Having had the chance to get to know J through out her pregnancy, I was deeply curious about her birth story. J, was a regular in prenatal yoga and the topic of fear and control was often something she often expressed. How do you enter a situation that is out of your control when you have a deep desire to control the process? 

In our conversation, J vulnerably shared about the anxiety and depression she faced during pregnancy, the obstacles of her birth, and how she had to surrender control to allow her labor to progress.  After a long birth, she was able to look back at the experience with pride and deep admiration for her personal journey. She told her husband, “Don’t ever let me forget how strong I am.” 

Please enjoy this week’s episode of Yoga| Birth |Babies with J Stewart as she shares her birth story. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Learn about new parent J and her pregnancy. 
  • Medication during pregnancy. 
  • Anxiety and depression during pregnancy. 
  • What it took for J to learn to trust herself. 
  • Releasing fears. 
  • Control around labor. 
  • Emotionally preparing for labor. 
  • J’s birth story.
  • The power of self doubt and the role of the mind in labor progress.
  • Two remarkable turning points in J’s labor.
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable. 
  • How J’s birth helped her heal from her miscarriage.
  • One tip/piece of advice J offers new or expectant parents. 

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