December 29, 2021

Community Birth Story: A Tale of Two Births: One Cesarean and One Vaginal with Meredith Raucher Sisson

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, Meredith Raucher Sisson, shares her story of two very different births; neither one “better” than the other just different. Meredith takes us on a journey of what she learned from the birth of her first child and how she reexamined certain choices for her second. She was equally satisfied with both birth experiences. Meredith also shares how she felt about having a VBAC for her second birth and the wisdom she gained as a second time mom. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Learn a bit about Meredith. 
  • What differed in Meredith’s approach to her second pregnancy and birth compared to her first. 
  • The inspiration behind Meredith’s choice to try a VBAC.
  • Meredith’s birth stories.
  • How Meredith felt about having a VBAC for her second birth experience.
  • The wisdom Meredith approached parenthood with as a second time mother.
  • Her postpartum journey and settling into a new routine as a family of 4.
  • One thing Meredith wants her kids to know/carry with them about their two different births scenarios. 
  • One final tip/piece of advice Meredith offers new and expectant parents.

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About Meredith:

Meredith Raucher Sisson likes to think of herself as constantly becoming (thanks, Michelle Obama!). She is the Assistant Director of the National Scholarship Office at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, an art historian, a dog mom, a wife, a yogi, and, most recently, a mom of two. At work, she advises students and recent graduates on their applications for nationally- and internationally-competitve awards. She loves that her job affords her the opportunity–on a daily basis–to help students grow and dream bigger. At home, she hopes to do the same for her two sons, Russell, who is three, and Noah, who is 7 months. 

Meredith discovered yoga as a graduate student and came to love it even more during her first pregnancy, when she found prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga allowed her to move her body safely and to build a community that still supports her in motherhood. In 2019, she completed her Prenatal Yoga Teacher training at Prenatal Yoga Center, and has been fortunate to have the chance to teach postnatal and postnatal restorative yoga in Richmond.

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