March 15, 2023

All About pumping with Heather ONeal CNM, IBCLC and Maureen Farrell CLC, DEM from Milk Minute Podcast

Pumping is a pretty hot topic among new parents. As a matter of fact, when I polled my postnatal yoga students on what their current concerns were and what they needed support with, nearly everyone had a pumping question. Whether they were getting ready to go back to work or just wanted to spend a little time away from baby, the questions were pretty similar. From how often they should pump, to how much they should pump, to the best pump, and taking care of their pump, everyone felt uncertain about what they were doing.

While I pumped to feed my children, this is not my specialty. So, I invited Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell back onto Yoga | Birth | Babies. We had an excellent chat last year about PPA/PPD medication and breastfeeding and I suspected they would have a lot of expertise to share around pumping, did they ever! Heather and Maureen and midwives and lactation professionals, they host a fantastic podcast called The Milk Minute. On today’s episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies they share practical tips for the expectant parent getting ready to embark on their pumping journey and provide incredible support for those parents in the midst of pumping. I hope today’s episode boosts your confidence as a pumping parent and provides you some answers for those areas of pumping where you feel a little uncertain.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Heather & Maureen and how they got into the world of lactation.
  • How pumps have changed over the years.
  • Considerations when deciding which pump to get.
  • Equipment: How to know if you have the right flange size.
  • Getting the most out of pumping.
  • How let down differs when using a pump versus feeding a baby. 
  • The power of self massage when pumping.
  • Good pumps for when you’re out of the house, at work or just on the go.
  • How often you should pump.
  • How pumping can help supply issues. 
  • How to maintain your pump and accessories.
  • Can pumps be shared or handed down pump.
  • One final tip/ piece of advice Heather and Maureen would like to offer new and expectant parents.
  • Where you can find Heather & Maureen’s work.

About Heather and Maureen:

Hi There! We (Heather ONeal, CNM, IBCLC & Maureen Farrell, CLC, DEM) are midwives and lactation professionals.  Our mission is to increase access to lactation education for ALL types of families, include partners, acknowledge the importance of mental health in parenthood, and improve body positivity. We cuss a little bit. 

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