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Alleviating Back Pain

Back pain is a common discomfort that women experience during and after pregnancy. Though a short, effective standing and seated series, this video concentrate on alleviating some of these common aches and pains. Side bending poses help release lower back pain by stretching the latissimus dorsi (lower back) muscles. Forward bend and hip openers release and extend the lower back, hip and hamstring muscles. Twisting poses help stretch and release the back and shoulder muscles, creating flexibility in the spine. Note that during pregnancy, all twists should be “open twists”, twisting away from the belly and not over twisting.

Helpful Hip Openers

Prenatal yoga hip opening poses help to facilitate the opening of the pelvis to prepare for the baby to descend through the birth canal. They increase flexibility in the muscles that attach to the pelvis that will need to be elastic during labor and delivery. When the hips are more open it allows for the sacrum and pelvic to be better aligned. This will make daily activities like walking, sitting, standing and even sleeping more comfortable. Hip openers also alleviate common discomforts such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome and lower back pain by gently stretching and releasing the piriformis, the gluteus muscles, the ITB (Iliotibial Band) and the back (latissimus dorsi) muscles.

25 Prenatal Vinyasa Flow

Deb leads expectant Mom and PYC teacher Clare Friedrich in a 25 minute vinyasa flow (appropriate for all trimesters). Build your strength, stamina, and relaxation to prepare for labor

Relieve Your Back Pain

Happy Hips

Side Bending Stretches on the Floor

Fab Abs to Help Push Out That Baby!

Simple Stretches for Bedrest

Quick Relief for Carpal Tunnel

Cool Off With Pranayama

Stabilize the Sacrum

May Day! Ease the Ache in Feet & Legs

Spring Hip Opening

Relax, Restore & Stay Healthy!

Get Warm in Winter!

Quick Office Stretches

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