06 Jun Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Body Image

I have never had the healthiest body image, and pregnancy and postpartum have definitely tested my sanity in terms of how I look and feel. During my first pregnancy, I was somewhere around 20 weeks when I "popped." I was relieved that I passed...

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02 May Are Your Birth Options Slipping Away?

I recently had a very lively discussion with my friends and expectant first time parents, Denise and Shai. The conversation revolved around the idea that there is often a feeling of having to defend oneself against one's care provider or hospital. It is a fight...

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07 Mar My Second Labor

My first labor with my son, Shay, was an epic 42 hrs. That is 42 hrs from first recognizing there was a pattern to the contractions to my baby being born. I was completely taken back and slightly traumatized both physically and mentally by the...

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17 Feb Second Stage of Labor and the Epidural: Hospitals Need To Rethink Their Guidelines

A recent article in the New York Times has sparked an important discussion about the relationship of epidural use and the length of the second stage of labor for first time mothers. In the March 2014 Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal, the study Second Stage of...

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30 Jan The Physical and Family Preparation for “Baby Sister”

I would like to give a special shout out to two ladies that are helping my husband and me as we approach the birth of baby number two and our transition from 3 to 4 people in our family. The first person that I...

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24 Jan Is There A Relationship Between Childbirth Education & A Mother’s Satisfaction With Her Birth Experience?

An interesting conversation ensued the other day with a long time student. She mentioned that she didn't really like her OB. I asked her if she was planning on have a doula to help navigate the situation since she was not completely confident with her...

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