06 Aug TED TALK Annie Murphy Paul: What we learn before we’re born

This 16 minute video is fascinating and informative. I think pregnant mamas will really appreciate what scientist and mother, Annie Murphy Paul has to say about fetal development within the womb. SIDE NOTE: Here is my personal favorite bit from an interview with Annie Murphy Paul...

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01 Aug Building Your “Tool Kit” for Labor

When I teach my Prenatal yoga classes, I like to stress the importance of creating what I like to call “the tool kit for labor and delivery.” This is a collection of reliable, proven pain management techniques the laboring mother can call upon to use...

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25 Jul 5 Ways to Help Avoid a Cesarean

After a decade of an increasing rate of infants born via Cesarean section, the numbers are now leveling off according to National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1). This is exciting information for expectant parents who aim...

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19 Jul So You Had a Baby, Now What? Using food as medicine post-partum to help with healing and milk production

By guest blogger Abbie Gellman, MS - nutritionist, yogi, chef, and mother Having a baby is simultaneously one of the most joyful and harrowing experiences a woman can go through. Our bodies grow, change, and nourish new life throughout pregnancy then feed and support the baby...

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21 Jun Society’s Expectations and the Stigma of Postpartum Depression

I grew up watching 80's sitcoms, namely The Cosby Show and Family Ties, where it was depicted that having a family was all comic joy with a few silly bumps in the road that could be resolved within 30 minutes. Neither of the mothers in...

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