Sleep Circle

Sleep Circle

Once a month: 11:00-1:30 pm,  $35 pre-registration recommended 

Upcoming Dates: June 11

In a supportive, non-judgmental environment, you can share your experience and questions with Brooke Nalle founder of Sleepy on Hudson, and the group and get answers that are right for you and your sleeper. Whether you are preparing for or in the middle of changes, you can get help shaping your plan.

This workshop is not just about sleep training or sleep teaching, we also will discuss developmental milestones, explore temperament, and understand how to best handle the bumps in the road in the first 3 to 4 years of sleep. This workshop is perfect for new and seasoned parents as well as expectant moms looking ahead to sleep.

Brooke Nalle founded Sleepy on Hudson more than eight years ago with the goal of offering families sleep solutions that support their child’s developmental picture, temperament, and, of course, their parenting style. Her Sleep Circle is based on this same principle.

New parents, please note we are up a one floor walk-up. We are happy to assist you up the stairs with your stroller.

Thursday, June 11


About the Instructor

Twelve years ago, Brooke Nalle was teaching 7th grade at Bank Street’s School for Children and not sleeping because her delicious, interesting, and interested son was keeping her up all night. As she worked to solve her family’s problem (which only grew trickier when her daughter was born), she dove deeper into the world of sleep science, behavioral science, and child development.

After solving her own family’s sleep problems, Brooke trained with Kim West and was one of the first 50 Gentle Sleep Coaches. Today, nearly seven years later, Brooke has helped more than 1,000 families.

Brooke’s training includes basic counseling and child development, sleep science and behavioral modification techniques, secure attachment theory, and supporting the breastfeeding mom.  She has an Ms Ed from Bank Street College of Education, specialized training in 4- and 5-month-old babies, and extensive experience with multiples.

She has participated in lectures from top specialists in the areas of postpartum depression, medical conditions and sleep apnea in children, and sensory processing disorders and sleep.

As a mother of three, Brooke deeply understands the role that parents play in our children’s sleep and just how challenging it can be.

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