Preparing for the Arrival of a Sibling

Preparing for the Arrival of a Sibling

with Brooke Nalle MS Ed

Monday, September 30th 12:30-2:00pm

$40 in advance | $45 at the door

The arrival of a new baby sister or brother can completely turn the world of young toddlers and preschoolers upside down. You want the best for all of your children, but you’re also exhausted from sleep deprivation. How do you manage?

Join Brooke Nalle MS Ed to get prepare for the arrival of a new sibling and learn how to foster healthy relationships among siblings -right from the start.

In this interactive workshop, Brooke will:

* Answer specific questions so that you walk away with solutions best suited for your family situation.

* Offer preparations that worked for other families.

* Prep you on typical reactions you might expect from your older child when the baby arrives (and when to start worrying).

* Explore the benefits of having siblings on child development.

* Help you develop stronger bonds with both/all your children.

*Strategies and ways to help your big kid adjust after the new arrival.


Meet Brooke: 

Twelve years ago, Brooke Nalle was teaching 7th grade at Bank Street’s School for Children and not sleeping because her delicious, interesting, and interested son was keeping her up all night. As she worked to solve her family’s problem (which only grew trickier when her daughter was born), she dove deeper into the world of sleep science, behavioral science, and child development.

After solving her own family’s sleep problems, Brooke trained with Kim West and was one of the first 50 Gentle Sleep Coaches. Today, nearly seven years later, Brooke has helped more than 1,000 families.

Brooke’s training includes basic counseling and child development, sleep science and behavioral modification techniques, secure attachment theory, and supporting the breastfeeding mom.  She has an Ms Ed from Bank Street College of Education, specialized training in 4- and 5-month-old babies, and extensive experience with multiples.

She has participated in lectures from top specialists in the areas of postpartum depression, medical conditions and sleep apnea in children, and sensory processing disorders and sleep.

As a mother of three, Brooke deeply understands the role that parents play in welcoming a new member to your family and just how sibling relationships can be.

Monday, September 30th 12:30-2:00pm
$40 Pre-registration

$45 at the door

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