Sibling Preparation

Sibling Preparation

with Dr. Michelle Canarick 
Date coming soon | $30 per person | preregistration required

We are pleased to partner with Dr. Michelle Canarick of NYC Mom Support to offer a workshop on preparing yourself and your family for the birth of a sibling.  In this workshop, you will learn what to expect from your child/children during your pregnancy and in the first few months after your baby is born.  You will have an opportunity to voice your concerns regarding how to communicate with and create an environment of safety for your older child/children.  In addition, we will explore your own feelings about bringing another child into your family.

Come learn to strengthen your family environment as you prepare your child and family for your baby.

  • How to foster an open, honest and supportive family environment to meet your children’s needs, as well as your own.

  • How and when to let your child know you’re expecting and handle their responses.

  • Help your child and family gain communication and coping skills to manage the transition when your baby arrives.

  • Help your child understand what to expect from you to reinforce a sense of security.

  • Help your child play an active role in preparing for your baby’s arrival and for their first meeting at the hospital.

  • How to teach your child about babies and their needs in relation to their own.

  • How to prepare your child for the separation while you have the baby.

  • Learn what to expect from your child when the baby arrives and strategies to handle their responses, behavior and feelings.

  • Help your child grow into their sibling role

Guiding your child through this transition will help your child and family face future challenges both within and outside the family.

*All parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend to collaborate in setting goals for your family.

Date coming soon

1-3 pm

$30 per person | $60 per couple

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