13 Sep Understanding Preeclampsia

Ever wonder why at all of your prenatal visits with your care provider you have your blood pressure checked and often leave urine sample? It's because your care provider is checking for a serious condition called preeclampsia. Never heard of it? No worries! In this episode...

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08 Aug Birth With Confidence

“All birthing people will face a crisis of confidence at some point during a physiological labor.”  This one powerful discussion point still sticks out in my mind from my juicy conversation with childbirth educator, doula and counsellor, Rhea Dempsey. In this episode of Yoga| Birth| Babies,...

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18 Jul Matrescence

Matrescence, a seldom heard word that names the shift into motherhood, stemming from the word, adolescence. Funny that the metamorphosis into adolescence is socially viewed with compassion, support, and a general understanding of tremendous and uncontrollable change while the same slide into motherhood is often met with...

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