Intro to Trauma Informed Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Intro to Trauma Informed Pre & Postnatal Yoga

With Tara Tonini

Saturday, June 16, 1:00-5:00 pm

$80 in Advance | $90 at the Door

(included in the mentorship program)

Designed for yoga teachers and birth workers. This workshop will explore how trauma affects pregnant people and best practices in supporting them during pregnancy, labor, delivery and motherhood. This workshop is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.Workshop will Include:

  • Introduction to understanding trauma and its impact on the brain, mind, body and spirit.
  • How to identify trauma symptoms and practical applications for healing.
  • Trauma-informed Prenatal yoga, meditation and breathwork.
  • Tools for regulating the nervous system and how one might discharge and process trauma in the body.
  • Take home tools to restore balance, renew hope and resilience in your students/clients.

Attendees will leave the workshop with tangible and unique trauma-informed prenatal yoga tools to use right way with students/clients

***This workshop is solely for professional development and is not intended as an intervention for personal healing. Please keep in mind talking about trauma, even in the context of professional training can be triggering.

Saturday, June 16, 1:00-5:00 pm

$80 Pre-registration

About Tara Tonini:

Tara Tonini is a lover of nature, movement, color and creativity.  Tara is a yoga and meditation teacher, Birth Doula and Master Reiki Healer approaching each healing modality through a trauma-informed lens. Tara has studied with Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., David Emerson and Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT. She is a Founding Member of The Center For Yoga and Trauma Recovery and serves as Director of Curriculum Development and Mentorship at Exhale to Inhale where she teaches trauma-informed trainings and workshops worldwide.


As a Pre-natal yoga teacher, Tara offers expecting mothers an authentic selection of movement to ignite mother and babies mind and body connection through playful and challenging sequences, focusing on the fluidity of the body, supported by the breath. In each class she offers a creative toolbox of yoga and childbirth education, where expecting mothers are invited to learn and explore self-love, confidence and freedom on their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

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