Core + Pelvic Floor Reconnect: Postpartum Yoga Series

Core + Pelvic Floor Reconnect: Postpartum Yoga Series

with Chantal Eder

Mondays 12:30-2:00 pm, February 10- March 2

$150 for the 4 week series

Core + Pelvic Floor Reconnect: Postpartum Yoga Series
Reconnect to yourself in this 4 week postpartum yoga series focused on core, pelvic floor, and full body wellness. Connect with Mamas in your community and learn how to set the foundation for a successful postpartum recovery.
Come for comprehensive sessions on:
  • Pelvic floor symptoms – such as incontinence, prolapse and PGP.
  • Diastatsis Recti – what it is and how to incorporate healing into your every life.
  • Alignment and posture after baby.
  • Postpartum mental health.
  • Restorative and mindfulness techniques to calm the nervous system.
  • Full-body conditioning through yoga, and how this applies to your existing workouts.
Each session will build from the last. Leave with information on Postpartum sex, abdominal wraps, cesarean scar tissue massage, body confidence after baby and a unique 10-20min at home program that can be used for months to come.
This series is for Mamas who are minimum 6 weeks Postpartum (cleared for exercise by their healthcare providers). No max, Postpartum is forever! Who have given birth vaginally or by C-section. We will provide all props, worksheets, info packs. Babies 0-6 months (pre-crawlers) welcome.

Mondays February 10- March 2

$150 | 4 Week Series

About The Instructor

Chantal Eder is a Pre and Postnatal yoga instructor and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She’s also a Mom. After birth, Chantal found many personal training sessions and core workouts do not cater for the postpartum body. So she started from scratch. Her mission? To educate herself and other new Moms on the foundations of postpartum health. Using a tailored and educated practice she started to feel and see changes in a matter of weeks. She aims to help you set and achieve your postpartum wellness goals.

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