Childbirth Education Refresher

Childbirth Education Refresher

Wednesday, April 22nd  7:15-9:45pm

Giving birth to your second or third child can be a very different experience than your first. From changing expectations that come with subsequent labors to the fears or desires you have from birth experience. Maybe you wish it would go very differently or perhaps you expect it to be exactly the same.

Yes, all we can ever know is that it will be its own experience and one that’s hard to predict – that is the magical joy and also the challenge of meeting your baby! Our class is designed in two parts. The first part will be a refresher of coping techniques, hospital protocols and some great guidelines for second timers.

Next, we will address specific questions and answers regarding your prior birth. This can help you have a clear understanding of your goals for the one ahead in this helpful group setting.

It can be hard to make time for preparation when you have a toddler at home. We hope to support you efficiently but also create space for you to do just that – you deserve it!

April 22

$175 Per Couple

About the Instructor:

Terry Richmond is a certified childbirth educator. She uses her experience as an active labor support doula, yoga instructor, and mother to offer a well-rounded, accessible curriculum. As a doula, she has assisted couples through a very wide range of birth choices and experiences. It is her goal to teach the full spectrum of options a couple has when preparing for their birth, and then to support them unconditionally.  In the case that Terry is attending a birth, another certified childbirth educator will teach the class in her place.

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