Breastfeeding Support Circle

Breastfeeding Support Circle

with Ayelet Kaznelson IBCLC

Two Tuesdays a Month: 2:30-4:00 pm

Drop-in, no pre-registration | $30 per person

Upcoming Dates: January 7 & 21 | February 4 & 18

For thousands of years, mothers have breastfed their babies in “women’s circles,” benefiting from the vast experience and knowledge of others. Being part of such a circle and sharing the joys, concerns, and challenges of breastfeeding can be empowering and tremendously rewarding. This breastfeeding circle allows for a clinical yet warm approach to breastfeeding today.

Ayelet Kaznelson expertly leads a hands on clinic and empowers new mothers to meet the challenges of breastfeeding.

Scale available to weigh your babies before and after feeding and help track weight gain.

Please note we are up a one floor walk-up. We are happy to assist you up the stairs with your stroller. Stroller parking is LIMITED and you may be required to fold your stroller.

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