TEDxSingapore – Ginny Phang – Love, Breathe, Just Doula

TEDxSingapore – Ginny Phang – Love, Breathe, Just Doula

“When I gave birth to this baby, I felt like a woman- hear me roar! ~ Ginny Phang, labor support doula

I recently came across this inspiring and informative video of Ginny Phang, a doula in Signapore, who describes her own journey into the career as a doula and what she brings to women in labor. Ginny explains, “I felt so disempowered when I was giving birth myself and want people to have a different experience than I did. I wanted someone to believe in me and tell me, Ginny- you can do this!”

In this video she also beautifully explains the Fear -Tension – Pain Relationship and what women can do to make their journey into birth easier, shorter and empowering. She describes finding the support you need in labor and how to make a clear birth plan that goes beyond the basics of what you expect and want.

I think my favorite part of her TED talk is when she talks about really dealing with your fears around childbirth. She goes on to say, “You need to get all your skeletons out of the closet and really deal with it.”

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did!

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