Spinning Babies, Gail Tully and the Importance of Fetal Position

Spinning Babies, Gail Tully and the Importance of Fetal Position

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with founder of SpinningBabies.com, Gail Tully.  Gail and I talked deeply about the importance of a well balanced pelvis, how to achieve this and how it effects a functional birth.
Topics covered:
*The inspiration for creating Spinning Babies and the idea that fetal position and a balanced pelvis impacts a   functional birth.
*What optimal fetal positioning is and how it impacts birth.
*The Spinning Baby’s 3 Principles of Pregnancy.
*Common things women are doing in their everyday lives that can create imbalance in their pelvis, pelvic ligaments, psoas and pelvic floor.

*What women can do during pregnancy to help encourage a balanced pelvis and help promote optimal fetal positioning.

*What women can do during labor to help correct a malpositioned baby?

*The Spinning Babies methodology – the Fantastic Four and the Three Sisters Baby mapping.
*Tips for women to help promote a functional labor.
*How to find out more information about Spinning Babies and workshops.
About Gail:
Gail Tully, is a certified professional midwife (CPM) and birth doula (DONA).Gail is the founder of www.SpinningBabies.com, a top resource for pregnant women with breech and posterior positioned babies and physiological birth. Retired from primary care, she enjoys being called out to an occasional birth, especially a breech birth. Gail Tully is the author of The Belly Mapping Workbook (2005), Resolving Shoulder Dystocia video (2011), Daily Essentials video, Spinning Babies Parent Class video (both 2014), Spinning Babies Quick Reference (2015), and Breech Birth; Quick Guide (2016). For more information on what Gail s up to check out www.SpinningBabies.com

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