Rainbow Babies with Jessica Mougis

Rainbow Babies with Jessica Mougis

Approximately 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. With such a high percentage of pregnancies naturally terminating, why is this subject often talked about in whispers behind closed doors? When any personal loss is experienced, support is often desired and needed and subsequent pregnancies may be approached with more apprehension then joy.

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with PYC community member and children’s yoga teacher, Jessica Mougis. Jessica opens up about the loss of her twins and how she personally recovered from that experience. Jessica also shares how her current pregnancy with her “rainbow child” differs from the easeful, innocence of her first pregnancy.

In this episode:

  • Learning a bit about Jessica and her background
  • Jessica’s experience with miscarriage and now having a rainbow baby
  • What Jessica’s mourning process was like for the loss of her babies
  • How her perception of pregnancy changed after a miscarriage
  • How she handled telling people about her miscarriage
  • When and who to share the news of a next pregnancy
  • The difference in trust in one’s body after experiencing miscarriage.
  • How miscarriage effected her work with children and families
  • Why sometimes switching care providers could be the right choice for you.
  • Words of wisdom for someone going through the same thing
  • The most valuable advice Jessica received when pregnant
  • Advice and wisdom for new and expectant parents
  • Where to find Jessica’s work


About Jessica: 

For the past ten years, Jessica has taught yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages in homes, schools and studios around NYC. She has also trained hundreds of adults to teach children’s yoga both nationally and internationally. She is 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga certified and holds a BA in Dance from Connecticut College. In 2017, Jessica founded Jem Yoga NYC, a company specializing in classes and events for babies, children and families in the New York City area. Jessica’s proudest accomplishment is being a mom to her two year old daughter Emily Rae.

Also, check out Jessica’s blog about pregnancy, birth, miscarriage and  motherhood:


Connect with Jessica: 


Instagram: @jemyoganyc

Facebook: Jem Yoga NYC

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