Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering with Dr. Sarah Buckley

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering with Dr. Sarah Buckley

In this episode Deb talks to Dr Sarah Buckley. She’s a family physician (GP) with training in family physician obstetrics, and author of the internationally best-selling book  Gentle Birth. Gentle Mothering, (Celestial Arts/Penguin Random House, 2009).

We discuss Undisturbed Birth- how the hormones of birth need to be in balance and well supported to facilitate a functional birth. Sarah has amazing insight on how a woman can find deep satisfaction and reward with her birth.

Sarah also offers suggestions for women to honor the physiological response of her body in labor when she may be facing common disturbances of a hospital setting or pressure to stay within a certain schedule.  She also reveals other practical tips for the laboring mother to keep her physical and mental space undisturbed. 

Sarah discusses the impact she has seen since the publication of    “Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing” has made with the general practice of obstetrics. 

Please enjoy this powerful episode!


For more about Sarah and her work see and her membership website


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