Gene DeClercq of ‘Birth by the Numbers’

Gene DeClercq of ‘Birth by the Numbers’

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with Gene DeClercq about labor induction and all the ups and downs involved. Many women would like to avoid labor induction and Gene offers so tips to do so as well as dispel common reasons women are being induced under medical pretense.

Covered in this episode:

How Gene got started in the birth community Do you have any numbers or a basic idea of how Examining if the trend for induction has increased or decreased in the past decade
Induction – why are there so many? Common influences of induction
Exploring medically valid reasons for induction and debunking reasons that are no medically substantiated for induction
Should maternal age be a reason to induce before 40 weeks?
The down side to induction
Is there a correlation between induction and cesarean?
How can mothers avoid induction?
With this incredibly high rate of induction and pitocin use, are we seeing better outcomes for mothers and babies?
There is a disparity in childbirth education and prenatal care based on socioeconomic standing- is this seen in the induction rate and outcome of mothers and babies?
Tips for women who may be facing an induction

About Gene DeClercq
A former childbirth educator, Gene is Professor of Community Health Sciences and Assistant Dean for Dr for Public Health Education at the Boston University School of Public Health and professor on the faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Boston University School of Medicine. He has served as lead author of national reports on women’s experiences in childbirth entitled Listening to Mothers I, II & III and New Mothers Speak Out and is the founder of the website He is a recipient of the Martha May Eliot Award from the American Public Health Association for service to maternal and child health in the U.S.
His website :

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