May 9, 2016

Why I Chose A Home Birth

How a mother chooses to birth is very personal. While I was pregnant, I kept my birth choices private. I am a prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula and Lamaze teacher; I didn’t want my students to feel I disapproved of their birth plans based on the fact that I was preparing for a home birth. I came to my decision rather organically from attending hospital births for over ten years. I witnessed what hospitals had to offer to a low-risk woman and I did not want fight to have the birth I envisioned. Home birth is not for everyone. But it is an option for many.

My hope for you, dear listener, is that your baby’s birth is infused with your voice. Although my two home births were challenging and forced me to dive to depths I did not know I had, I am grateful for having had the opportunity. I felt supported, heard, loved, and seen. I hope all birthing mothers can feel the same — no matter where they choose to birth.

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