08 Sep Excerpts from ‘Birthing From Within’

A close friend of mine asked for some pregnancy related book recommendations. She is pregnant with her second baby and a bit anxious about the upcoming experience. I thought for her, Birthing From Within by Pamela England would be a good fit....

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06 Aug Why Breastfeeding? Benefits for Mama and Baby

Welcome to August, aka Breastfeeding Awareness Month! To kick off our month long celebration, we are going to be featuring blogs about breastfeeding, the benefits of it, doing it in public, and proper nutrition for breastfeeding, just to name a few. We are...

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17 Jul Birthing Season

Most animals in nature follow an instinctual mating habit that reflects the season. Do we humans follow a similar pattern? Over the years, I have noticed that there is a natural ebb and flow regarding due dates. There are often many due dates around the...

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06 Jul Calm Eyes Quiet Mind

Recently in class, I was observing the students' reaction to holding some of the standing poses about one or two breaths longer than we usually do. I found the result was fascinating. Some students immediately focused on their breath to sustain the physical...

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28 Jun Delivered to Obesity?

This is an article from The Week (June 15, 2012 Volume 12 Issue 570 pg 21.) I though it was rather interesting piece, so I am passing it along. Happy reading!! Babies delivered by caesarean section appear to be twice as likely to become...

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22 Jun The Walking Epidural Versus The Standard Epidural

Recently I was teaching a prenatal yoga class, and as we were discussing concerns at the beginning of class, the topic of epidurals came up. One woman said that she had heard of the "walking epidural" and was quite excited about the idea of...

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