Community Birth Stories with Bridget Tichar

Community Birth Stories with Bridget Tichar

In this episode of “Yoga | Birth | Babies” we’re sharing an inspirational birth story from our community. Today’s guest Bridget Tichar had a great birth and we want to share her experience to provide some inspiration and comfort for our expectant Mamas! Bridget was an active member of the Prenatal Yoga Center community throughout her pregnancy coming to class 5 times a week, though she previously was not a fan of yoga. Bridget has always led an active lifestyle and was able to maintain this through her pregnancy. Stay tuned to hear all about her birth experience; how she coped with waiting in the waiting room, surrendered to help from a loving partner, found the humor in labor and birth, and brought her son Teddy into this world!

“I want to do this, I am doing this, this is not hard.”

About Bridget:

Bridget is a first-time mom to 6-month old son, Teddy. She holds a master’s degree in communications
and currently works part-time from home as the director of a non-profit charity she created 5 years ago.
Previous to the birth of her son, she worked as a retail manager and played women’s beach volleyball
competitively. She is a vegetarian and enjoys running daily while listening to podcasts and audiobooks.
Bridget lives on the upper west side of Manhattan with her husband, Joe.


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