Author: Deb

24 Feb The Pregnant Teacher

I promised myself that as I progressed further along in my pregnancy, I would try to strike a balance in my blogs between sharing my personal insight and continuing the educational intention of this blog. Today, you get a commentary from me! I...

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17 Feb What is the Difference Between a Postpartum Doula & Baby Nurse?

When I first announced to my mom that I was pregnant, she was so excited and soon proudly said, "I am going to offer you exactly what my mother offered me after Craig (my brother) was born. A baby nurse!" I graciously said...

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20 Dec My Impressions of the First Trimester

My doctor warned me that my first trimester would probably be difficult. I didn't really fully comprehend what that would mean. Most of the students that I encounter at the Prenatal Yoga Center are in their second or third trimester. We do...

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