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sophie asked 1 year ago

I quit my job and becoming a stay at home mom and no longer need a full time nanny and unfortunately had to let our nanny go. I would very much like to help her find a great new family to work for and whoever gets her is going to be extremely lucky. She has been with our family since our son Henry, now 4.5 years, was just 5 months.It\’s hard to describe how flawlessly Renalda managed our household and cared for Henry. My husband and I both work, and she was an incredibly reliable partner who arrived at work punctually every day for almost 4 years, never once taking so much as a sick day. She made friends with other neighborhood nannies and Henry always had many play dates, including with a boy who has come to be his best friend, a wonderful gift she gave us. One of Renalda\’s many strengths is cooking. She is from the Philippines, and cooked the most incredible authentic meals for Henry, including grated carrot and pineapple muffins he clamored for every morning. My son is a picky eater and meals times are stressful on weekends, but he always devoured her cooking. Thanks to her he now loves vegetables, including broccoli, eggplant, and sweet potato, and regularly eats quinoa and faro–he eats more healthily than we do! At the same time she was very conscientious about his complicated set of food allergies which, thankfully, he is now growing out of.Renalda did so much for Henry–got him on a sleep and bottle schedule when she first started with us, taught him his colors, letters, shapes and numbers, and potty training. She is great at logistics and had Henry\’s days beautifully planned, taking him to and from school, as well as out to play every morning and every afternoon after his nap, rain or shine. On Friday afternoons if we were traveling out of town, she would meet my husband and me at our garage, all the way across town, with Henry and his gear and was never late. She was also always flexible and able to stay late if I got stuck at work last minute.Although her focus was on Henry (and then on my second child Eloise, when she was born), Renalda was happy to help out with household chores including any errands I needed her to do during the day, coordinating with our super for apartment repairs. She did all the meal planning and grocery shopping for our children. She was a caring and conscientious part of our lives and our family misses her very much. She prefers only full time, live out and off the books position. She doesn\’t travel with the family. You can reach out directly to Renalda at 917 971 9308 or