29 Jan 3 Common Aches and Pains of Pregnancy and How to Address Them

Many women encounter some sort of discomfort during their pregnancy. Here are a few examples of common issues and how to find relief. Edema Most women experience some amount of swelling during pregnancy, especially during these hot summer months! This is mainly due to...

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22 Jan Waterbirth Video

Check out this beautiful waterbirth video! It was filmed at the 21 century Henri Surruys Hospital, Belgium in 2007. Mom and baby look so happy and peaceful. Too bad there aren't more hospitals or Birth Centers that offer this kind of option....

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18 Jan High-Risk Pregnancy and Yoga

A new study, "The Effects of Yoga in Prevention of Pregnancy Complications in High-Risk Pregnancies: A Randomized Controlled Trial," conducted by SVYASA University's Department of Life Sciences in Bengaluru, India just came out last month. The information gathered by the researchers was fascinating and may...

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15 Nov How Fear Affects Labor and What You Can Do About It

During a recent yoga class I was taking, my teacher discussed our natural reaction to fear. She explained that students tend to make their poses smaller and constrict themselves when they are fearful of doing the pose. For example, they are afraid to shift their...

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02 Nov Preparing Your Pelvis for Labor!

Most women spend countless hours preparing for the arrival of their little one. Picking out names, decorating a nursery (or rearranging a one bedroom apartment, for many NYC-dwelling first time parents), taking Childbirth Education classes...

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