Angela Botta

Angela Botta, CD(DONA)

Prenatal & Postnatal

Angela is a Certified Instructor through Yoga Works advanced training program in NYC, and Pre and Postnatal through Prenatal Yoga Center. Offering a dynamic practice, Angela has a joyful spirit and inspires to welcome and guide students to explore the mind / body connection while blending a heart-centered, breath-based practice. She teaches safely, offering modifications and appropriate poses for all levels, giving students more space while building confidence, a steady flow, a calm mind, and a strong presence – both on and off the mat.
Completely fascinated by the process of pregnancy and childbirth, Angela is also certified as a birthing doula, supporting women and their partners during the prenatal time period, labor, and postpartum. She feels it’s an absolute treat to be part of such an amazing right-of-passage;the birth of a new life, the birth of a family…motherhood.

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